According to Dermot Goode of – if your policy is with VHI, you are locked into this contract until your next renewal date, and the provider will not permit any changes, even if you are looking to upgrade cover. On the other hand, Irish Life Health and Laya Healthcare both permit mid-year changes for members who want to upgrade or downgrade their coverage.

Insurance expert Dermot Goode of says in many cases there may be a requirement to ‘register’ your claim from abroad prior to being admitted to hospital. It is worth finding out if this is the case for your policy and also how long you have to submit your claim once you return. It is also important to disclose all pre-existing medical conditions to your insurer.

Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of agrees – “One look at insurer’s claims data will tell you that, of those travellers who do have cover, many have the need to make a claim at one time or another. And while the claim might be for something relatively minor, pretty staggering claims, often to pay big medical bills in other countries, are not unusual.”

Insurance and consumer advice from Dermot Goode, Ireland’s leading health insurance consultant with

Electric and hybrid vehicles account for 11.8% of all new private cars licensed since the start of the year, up from 6.5% at the halfway stage of 2018. managing director, Jonathan Hehir, noted “it would be interesting to take a close look at the regional distribution of electric and hybrid vehicles — what makes them more popular in some counties than others.”

While instances of burglary is declining – from 19,182 in 2017 to 16,969 in 2018 the figures show that burglaries still happen. Deirdre McCarthy of believes people are right to be taking the necessary precautions. Having people you trust to check the house regularly is important, but you should avoid leaving  spare keys outside if possible. Not only are thieves aware of the practice, but doing so could invalidate a claim with your insurer.

Deirdre McCarthy, Manager at, says it is always important to remember to disclose all material facts to insurers regarding any changes to your health, or changes within treatment for an illness, even if you are unsure whether to do so or not.

Jonathan Hehir, MD of leading insurance broker CFM Insurance Group, wants the Government to overhaul the current system governing minor injuries awards, proposing that claimants should no longer receive compensation for pain and suffering and only be paid for medical expenses and loss of earnings.

According to Shauna Fogarty of third-party fire and theft, or TPFT cover, is a more common type of policy as it is a step above the minimum legal requirement of third party only. And TPFT is less expensive, generally speaking, than comprehensive cover.