According to Dermot Goode of, unfortunately for this reader the insurers are only allowed to give credit for membership of other health insurance plans from Laya, Vhi or Irish Life Health.

Typical holiday home cover will insure you in case of fire, burst pipes and water damage, or break-ins, according to the managing director of, Jonathan Hehir. One of the key elements of holiday home cover generally is that all services (gas, electricity, water) must be switched off when the home is not occupied, Mr Hehir said.

Recent market analysis undertaken by revealed that there are 15+ home insurers in Ireland and quotes from providers can vary hugely, with prices differentials ranging from anywhere between €100 – €700 on a typical home.

“We took three typical home insurance cases, researched just how much each provider was quoting for each case and compared this with the optimum quote that we were able to get from the insurers we deal with,” Managing Director Jonathan Hehir explains. “Rather than just get a limited number of quotes, we were able to get quotes from 15 insurers and price differences we saw were staggering”.

Insurance brokerage says figures from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) suggest that 33,000 drivers would have passed their test between the months of March and July.

But due to Covid-19 the test centres are closed, and people are unable to take a test. Deirdre McCarthy of said this is leading to thousands of motorists looking at another year of high premiums.

Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of said the current reduced claims environment offered insurers the opportunity to get competitive with prices.

“Overall claim costs for 2020 will almost certainly be lower as a result of the lockdown,” he said.

“This gives insurers some incentive to lower their premiums and compete for business based on price. This is good news for motorists of course and it could be just the start of falls to come, in terms of premiums.”

According to Deirdre McCarthy of, there has always been a lot of confusion when it comes to how to value your home insurance. Rather than focusing on the sale price, you need to look at the rebuild cost of your house. The Society of Chartered Surveyors has a useful calculator on its website that will give you a good indication of this cost. Once you have worked this out then you must look at valuing your contents.

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Today, we looked at ways to save on car insurance with Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of the CFM group, which runs websites like of

Three in 10 Irish homeowners believe they will still be paying off their mortgage when they are in retirement, a new survey from insurer Royal London has found.

Around 29% of 1,000 respondents to the survey predicted that they would be repaying their mortgage when they reach 65 and over, while just 38% of people said they will have repaid their mortgage before they reach 60.

‘Mortgage debt is the biggest form of credit that most people will ever have in their lives,’ Royal London’s Joe Charles said. ‘First Time Buyers are getting older, and it’s not uncommon to see people in their mid-thirties entering large value, 35-year mortgages.


3 in 10 homeowners will be paying mortgage in retirement

Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of and says anybody who is close to renewal should consider carefully if it is time to move, and should take into account which insurers are offering refunds or rebates and which are not.

They can also use the time at home to research the best deal.

Deirdre McCarthy of says “People can often be slow to change home insurers, particularly now when everything around us seems so uncertain. The best advice is to use any spare time you have on your hands at the moment to shop around and do some comparisons. You could be looking at a difference of anywhere from €50 to €150 between the various insurance providers.”