Leading insurance broker Jonathan Hehir also said motor claims were well down.

“The notification of claims has dropped to the floor,” he said. Mr Hehir, of CoverInAClick.ie, said people not using their car or van should apply to their insurer to suspend cover.


Health insurance experts TotalHealthCover.ie have advice for anyone concerned about protecting their cover while managing their costs with a reduced income, notwithstanding any initiatives that may or may not be forthcoming from the health insurers.


House Insurance: If you’ve been sent to work from home with a laptop, your normal house insurance will cover you for theft, damage, etc. However, Jonathan Hehir, of Insuremyhouse.ie, says if your business involves any callers, van deliveries, etc, it’s essential you notify your insurer as you’ll require business cover.


Most elective surgeries are cancelled and all testing and treatment for Covid-19 is solely through the public system.  Dermot Goode of totalhealthcover.ie says non-Covid-19-related treatments will now be farmed out to private hospitals. There is no decision yet on premium refunds to customers.


Deirdre McCarthy, Manager of Coverinaclick.ie, is urging aspiring full-time drivers to get their applications in for the driver theory test or official driving test sooner rather than later.

“With lengthy delays likely to ensure for both the driver theory test and the practical exam itself, we would urge anyone who was considering applying for the test over the next few months to do so sooner rather than later.


Health insurance expert Dermot Goode, of TotalHealthCover.ie, said it was unclear at the moment whether the State would continue to collect the levy on private health cover, which amounts to €445 per adult for cover in public and private hospitals.


Online insurance brokers Insuremyvan.ie report that in what is the busiest time of the year for van insurance renewals, they are offering discounts to any van driver who renews their insurance through their online platform. This is aims to free up phone-lines and allow representatives deal with the influx of calls from motorists concerned as to how COVID-19 might impact them.


According to Barry McCutcheon, Proposition Lead with Royal London, you can decide whom you want to receive your assets — your home, savings or possessions — after you die. But if you leave them to someone other than your spouse or civil partner, they could have to pay a 33% inheritance tax if the value of the assets is above a certain threshold. This amount depends on the relationship between the owner of the assets and the person inheriting.


Dermot Goode is a health insurance consultant with www.totalhealthcover.ie. “One alternative from Laya that he should consider called 360 Care; this would reduce his costs to €2,088 for the year. Apart from some changes to routine dental benefit, it offers equivalent overall cover and also some enhancements on certain outpatient benefits.”


Underwriters of policies from various providers including Insuremyholiday.ie say that, assuming the “cancellation” section of your policy includes cover in the event of the Irish government advising against non-essential travel to your destination, it will pay out.