According to the managing director of, Jonathan Hehir, “there may be unintended consequences of new insurance legislation, which is being put in place to create more transparency around insurance quotes. This is because if a motorist does see a reduction in cost, no matter how small when compared with last year’s premium, they may automatically assume that this is the best deal, when in reality there may be a much greater saving to be made with another insurer.”

Listen back to hour one of Kildare Today during which Clem is joined by Dermot Goode of to discuss the best plans available on the market.

Health Insurance expert, Dermot Goode of says consumers could face increases of between €300 and €600 when they renew their private health insurance plan this month, with older people being the most likely to overpay by as much as €1,000 on outdated plans.

Mr. Goode is urging over 500,000 consumers who will renew their health insurance cover this month to shop around for best value.

With Deirdre McCarthy – Manager at

We’re going skiing in Switzerland shortly. I’m looking at travel insurance, but I’m a bit perplexed as to what I need — or if I even need it at all — because I already have private health insurance, and a friend of mine mentioned something about an EHIC card? Could you tell me the differences in cover with all of these?

According to Deirdre, while you may be partially covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and your private health insurance, your cover won’t be comprehensive, and it is advisable to top up what you have with travel insurance that is specific to a ski trip.

The answer is yes, as both are completely separate policies, according to Dermot Goode of He recommends you claim from HSF for your eye-care costs and use your DeCare plan for all dental costs.


Health insurance expert Dermot Goode of has warned consumers to expect further increases as thr cost of many health plans have gone up, with some insurers imposing three hikes in 12 months. He said consumers need to be wary of average price rise figures as many plans could increase by double the figures quoted. “When the renewal notice lands, engage with your insurer or adviser to start the review process,” said Mr Goode.

According to manager with, Shauna Fogarty, motor insurance needs for a commercial business are very different from what we expect from our private vehicle insurance. Additional time on the road, the year and value of your vehicle are just some of the extra factors involved in determining the level of protection required.

Dermot Goode of gives tips and advice on renewing your health insurance policy.

According to Dermot Goode of, VHI plan HealthPlus Excess is a good hospital benefits plan costing €1,879 per adult. It covers private in all public hospitals, and semi-private in standard private hospitals subject to a €75 excess per claim, with 90% cover for certain listed cardiac and special procedures in the high-tech hospitals in Dublin (Blackrock Clinic, Mater Private). It is not a corporate plan and therefore does not include guaranteed refunds on outpatient expenses. It is expensive relative to other plans in the market and we would recommend that you review this cover.

According to Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of, changes to motor insurance documentation policy could have unintended consequences for consumers. “Car insurance premiums are falling, albeit slowly. So if a motorist receives a renewal letter and the premium is €50 or €100 lower than last year, it’s likely that many will believe they are getting a good deal and let their cover renew with the same insurer. Just because it’s lower on the renewal form does not mean it’s the lowest you could get.”