Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of commented, “The licensing and sales of e-cars, while still small, are on the rise – with an increase of almost 70% in the first half of this year alone. For electric cars the CSO reports Laois had 1.7% of new private car sales for the first half of 2019, while Wicklow had the largest proportion (4.7%), followed by Kildare (3.6%) and Leitrim (3.5%).

As regional e-car sales grow, Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of commented,“The licensing and sales of e-cars, while still small, are on the rise – with an increase of almost 70% in the first half of this year alone. In most cases, going electric will bring the price you pay down…We have also resolved an issue that was making it difficult for business owners and employees to move from personal car ownership to a company e-car. Since the Minister for Finance’s introduction of 0% BIK for e-cars under €50,000, would-be owners have been running into difficulties with insurance.”

Unfortunately, insurance companies usually charge more when the risk increases, and when it comes to our health, the risk generally increases as we get older. However, according to Deirdre McCarthy of, a number of insurance providers will quote for people aged over 70, subject to the person being in reasonable health. Let’s assume that if your father is off to Australia for a few weeks, he is in good health. Most policies that offer cover will typically limit it to 31 days for any one trip from door to door.

Unfortunately, you are out of luck when it comes to the age loadings, according to Dermot Goode of

The legislation requires that any person who is 35 or over on joining must pay an additional age loading equivalent to 2% for each year over the threshold.

A study conducted by Royal London (Ireland) finds that on average, a stay-at-home parent’s salary is valued at less than €30,000 – but it should be closer to €44,000. This survey by protection specialist Royal London found that the average salary people would place on a stay-at-home parent was €27,500. Funny that, when wage figures estimate that the actual amount would work out at about €44,000.

A stay-at-home parent’s ‘salary’ should be way more than most people think

According to Dermot Goode of – if your policy is with VHI, you are locked into this contract until your next renewal date, and the provider will not permit any changes, even if you are looking to upgrade cover. On the other hand, Irish Life Health and Laya Healthcare both permit mid-year changes for members who want to upgrade or downgrade their coverage.

Insurance expert Dermot Goode of says in many cases there may be a requirement to ‘register’ your claim from abroad prior to being admitted to hospital. It is worth finding out if this is the case for your policy and also how long you have to submit your claim once you return. It is also important to disclose all pre-existing medical conditions to your insurer.

Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of agrees – “One look at insurer’s claims data will tell you that, of those travellers who do have cover, many have the need to make a claim at one time or another. And while the claim might be for something relatively minor, pretty staggering claims, often to pay big medical bills in other countries, are not unusual.”

Insurance and consumer advice from Dermot Goode, Ireland’s leading health insurance consultant with