The BT Blog #5

Guest Blog: Covid Compliance measures by Michael Kavanagh, CEO of the Association of Compliance Officers of Ireland (ACOI) While many businesses throughout the country have returned to work in one guise or another, the sticky issue of compliance is taking center stage in the challenge to keep them open, as well as to re-start those businesses, institutions, and organisations that have yet to open in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Pre-Covid-19, corporate compliance might have been seen by many […]

The BT Blog #3

by Joanna Murphy, CEO of As the economy begins to reopen many people are ‘emerging’ from lockdown to find their job situation looking quite different and are realising that new horizons may be on the cards, whether by choice or necessity. Some of us may have been furloughed, which has given us a chance to assess where we are and where we would like to go in our career, and perhaps has lead to the conclusion that we would […]