Business Talk is about communication & perception. What the clients, colleagues, competitors or the general public think of your business i.e. your corporate reputation, will ultimately determine the profile of your business or organisation and will have a significant bearing on the success of the business.

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Business Talk

It is imperative that the key target audiences know firstly of the existence of your business and, secondly but equally as important, that they trust & believe in you & your business offering.

Business Talk can help achieve this.

  • Our agency specialises in the financial services sector and we offer clients a total package in the delivery of communications objectives;
  • Creation and development of corporate image
  • Development of core brand identity positions and messages
  • Promotion of products, services and expertise
  • Provision of pro-active & re-active internal and external communications strategies
  • Implementation of communication policies, programmes and activities consistent with stated business objectives

While vital to the success of a business, we understand that communications management is often not something business owners and managers can afford to devote too much time to. Our aim is to support the business by managing strategic communications campaigns on behalf of our clients – with as much or as little input from the client as they wish.

Business Talk has an established reputation for formulating and implementing communications strategies that deliver a range of corporate objectives such as building and significantly improving public perception, increasing profile, disseminating specific information and achieving key competitive differentiation.

Under the guidance and direction of Business Talk, client companies have established their brands and their core service offerings to the Irish market and have dramatically raised their profile amongst their target market and their influencing audiences.

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